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Artist Feature: Sarah Whyte

You just never know who you might run into and where a simple conversation could lead. During the Art Ball by Stay With Ease Hospitality back in February, I met one of the sweetest women, Sarah Whyte, whose art caught my attention immediately. Her resin and ink painting was so stunning and after a chat, we figured we literally lived 5 minutes apart (what a small world)!
I absolutely love connecting with new people, learning about them, what they do and how they've started what they're doing! I seem to be surrounded by artists and entrepreneurs with what I do, and it's absolutely fascinating to hear each persons journey!
Sarah always loved art, but wasn't convinced there was much of an actual career possibility there. Life seemed to have other plans for this born artist whose true passion was creating. After a number of years teaching, she took the plunge into launching her art and making her true passion her career!
Hearing of amazing women like Sarah chase their dreams and make it into a reality is one of my favourite kinds of stories, because it's inevitably a story filled with perseverance and most of all, passion!
Not only did I want to share Sarah's gorgeous paintings with you, but her story, because it's a wonderful reminder to never forget your first passion and that you can do whatever you want to! Don't let anyone tell you other wise.
Chase those dreams and make them happen like the bad ass babe you know you are!
Find out more about Sarah Whyte at and find a selection of her paintings available for purchase at Cafe Haven in Sherwood Park, AB.





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