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4 Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas + Free Downloadable Gift Tags

The holiday season is always a crazy time for everyone! While we are busy handstitching each handbag for them to be ready under the tree Christmas morning, we know you're insanely busy too! Whether you're running around trying to find a last few gifts, getting everything  you need to parties and festivities, there's one sure thing we all lack. TIME.

We wanted to help you bring the classic simplicity we live by here at DUVAL. These simple ideas won't take much time and your gifts will be beautiful (almost as beautiful as the DUVAL handbag inside)!

To help save you some precious time, we've also created a downloadable with custom DUVAL Christmas gift tags. Here are a few ideas!

What you'll need:

-Plain black wrapping paper or white wrapping paper
-Twigs from your yard


True to the DUVAL packaging, a simple packaging with our classic striped ribbon is the ultimate glam for the classy minimalist on your list! 


With a blank white canvas, your imagination is the limit! Simply tie a ribbon to your gift and personalize away.


This one is perfect for any guy or girl on your list. You're going to look on top of your creative Pinterest game even though you simply got string and went to your backyard for a  little nature. 


It happens to all of us! We lovingly pick out a gift for someone we care about and as soon as you get home you realize you don't have wrapping paper. Don't fret! You've got everything you need for a memorable and personalized gift. Since we love fashion, we used beautiful magazine editorials, however you could use newspaper (hint: mix it with 'The Rustic' for an ultimate win). Or that old book thats too old to give away because it's falling apart but you can't seem to give it away... Put it to good use!


Let us see how you wrapped your gifts. Here are DUVAL you know, we're all about giving back! Now is your chance to help us.

Upload your gifts wrapped using our downloadable gift tags, be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #DUVALChristmas! For each picture that gets uploaded between December 19-31, we will donate $2 towards the Textbook Project. 

Let's give together this Christmas season! 


Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

xo DUVAL Team


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